05/29/2006 • Mechanical process technology

Metal separator for use in gas explosive hazardous location

After successful use of metal separators in dust explosive hazardous location, now Mesutronic presents metal separators for the use in gas explosive hazardous location. Using metal separators in explosive hazardous location can pose unique challenges depending upon the degree of safety required. In order to assure proper operation of the metal separator in this type of location, it is necessary to take machine parameters and production requirements into consideration to achieve the optimum solution. For example: Static electricity or other sources of sparks must be eliminated. Mesutronic not only offers the appropriate metal detection technology, but also supports the client with product and production specific know-how. Expensive and potentially dangerous mistakes can be eliminated from the beginning.
The QUICKTRON 05 A ex is used for the metal separation of bulk materials, powders and flours by free fall application. The metal separator detects reliably and safely metal contaminants in the product stream and rejects these contaminants automatically. The unit complies with the specific ATEX guidelines and is delivered with a declaration of conformity for the applicable degree of explosion protection offered.
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