05/25/2006 • Automation • IT and automation • Machine safety, industrial safety

The new PNOZ PNOZsigma: Maximum functionality in minimum width

Pilz is writing a new chapter in the long success story of the PNOZ. The new compact safety relays PNOZsigma are the result of many years of experience coupled with modern safety technology. With particularly narrow housing widths and multifunctionality compressed into each unit, PNOZsigma represents maximum functionality in minimum width. Selectable operating modes and a homogenous functional setup provide additional benefits. With PNOZsigma, the requirements of safe automation can be implemented faster, with greater flexibility and in less space.

PNOZsigma is the sum of our experiences in safety technology, says Renate Pilz, Managing Partner of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG. PNOZsigma is a complete series of new safety relays. It covers the whole range of safety functions, such as emergency stop, safety gate monitoring or two-hand control, so its suitable for all applications.Cost-effective application across all phases of a project was a particular priority for Pilz in developing the new product range.Externally, the reduced widths are the most striking feature of the new PNOZsigma. The housings are up to 50 per cent narrower, with the same functionality. The smallest width is just 12.5 millimetres. The reduced space requirement in the control cabinet saves costs.One PNOZsigma is used for each safety function. The innovation lies in the fact that the reset mode, operating mode and time functions can be set via switches, enabling the respective unit to be flexible in its application. This means that different safety functions can be monitored using a single unit type. So there are fewer unit types to keep in stock.Users can even save time and money during engineering. The functional setup on safety relays in the PNOZsigma product range is homogenous. The operator elements are standardised on each unit, as too are the terminal designation and position, allowing for a quick allocation. Plug-in terminals and new spring-loaded terminal technology ensure rapid installation. The innovative use of jumpers to expand contacts reduces the amount of wiring involved by up to 20 per cent.A high switching capability of up to 10A plus rapid diagnostics provide high plant availability. Each PNOZsigma has six descriptive LED indicators, providing a uniform display of switch and fault conditions on each unit.PNOZsigma conforms to the latest standards and can be used in conjunction with compatible safety components to form an approved, complete solution. Available units include: PIT emergency stop pushbuttons, safety switches and PSEN light curtains/barriers.In 1987 Pilz set a milestone in safety technology with the worlds first safety relay, PNOZ: from that point on, the laborious process of wiring contactors was a thing of the past. Today, the original PNOZ safety relays are the most widely used safety relays in the world.
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