05/02/2006 • Industrial PCs

The tc:one Terminals – the elegant answer

The striking designs of infomedia’s tc:one terminals have been created to be eye-catching and attract users wherever they are. All electronic components are housed in a casing that is just 7 cm deep, and their powerful mini PCs operate silently, powering a 17 inch flat screen located behind an anti-reflective glass panel that fits flush and protects against vandalism. A robust stainless-steel keypad ensures easy data entry and a special touch screen option is also available. Thanks to the use of modular units, the terminals can all be individually configured.

A competent team of designers and design engineers ensure high flexibility, so that customer-specific requirements can be realised with ease at all times. A standard 24-month guarantee also includes the on-site replacement of defective components as part of a next-day-swap service. infomedia can also offer bundle products with the assistance of their strategic partners. “Customers don’t want products, they want solutions”, said a company spokesman.

In addition to information terminals, infomedia develops presentation systems, such as a multimedia lectern and a large, HD-ready LCD flat screen.

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