04/26/2006 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Microscopy / Imaging

Image Recording with 1,000 images per second

The main feature of the CamRecord 800 is the fast image recording with 1000 images/s. Also the fanless design of the camera is a very unique feature. It allows to work with the camera in very dusty invironments like in wood or paper industries. The fanless design allows the use also in clean rooms.
These impressive performance datas and the mechanics attributes are ideal conditions to get the best performance in industrial applications.


  • Resolution of 800x600 pixels
  • 1000 fps at full resolution, with reduced resolutions up to 150,000 fps
  • Free adjustable exposure times down to 1 µs completely independent from the framerate
  • FireWire Interface (IEEE 1394a)
  • Large camera memory of 4 GB for long recording times
  • Fanless housing for very dusty working places or for clean rooms
  • CMOS sensor with high sensitivity
  • C-Mount lens connector
  • External trigger- and synchronisation
  • Incl. software and all cables

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