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The GEMÜ 651 piston operated 2/2-way diaphragm valve is designed for use in sterile applications. It is available in an "OPEN/CLOSED" or "position control" version. An automation module is integrated in the actuator. Versions for installation in traditional cabling systems and standard signals as well as an AS-Interface version are available. The device can be mounted, automatically programmed and commissioned in a very short time both when it is used as a position control valve and within a process control system. The valve has Normally closed, Normally open and Double acting control functions and is suitable for inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media.

Due to its compact design it can be used in very restricted spaces, e.g. in valve batteries or as a component in multi-port valve blocks. The valve design was developed taking into account the guidelines and recommendations of FDA, EHEDG and GMP. The standard version has M5 control air connectors in the flow direction. 90° rotated connectors are optional. Mounting position and flow direction are immaterial. The valve has CIP cleaning capabability making additional mountings such as electrical position indicators or pilot valves superfluous.

The automation module with reverse battery protection has an operating voltage of 26.5 to 31.6 V DC. The pilot valve (3/2-way or 4/2-way) operating the pneumatic actuator piston, and the air porting, are integrated in the device. An analogue travel sensor continuously detects the valve position, evaluated by a microprocessor. This ensures simple, quick and automatic commissioning of the valve, e.g. after a diaphragm change. It also monitors the electronic and pneumatic parameters, detects errors and gives a valve position feedback.

Colour LEDs with good visibility optically indicate the status of the operating voltage, current function mode and valve position. The pneumatic actuator housing is made of stainless steel, the automation module housing of PP (polypropylene). The protection class is IP 65, electrical connection is via a 5-pin screwed standard plug.
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