04/25/2006 • Analytics

Trace Analysis and Metal Speciation

Voltammetry instruments are favorably priced and compact, yet great in their detection capabilities. You can analyze water, environmental samples or ultrapure chemicals. Trace metal analyses can be carried out with the same or better sensitivity for a fraction of the cost of an AAS or ICP instrument. The low ­running costs are an additional bonus point for voltammetry. Apart from small amounts of reagents only small volumes of pure nitrogen are required. The ­concentration is determined by standard addition to each sample, which can be carried out automatically. In this way matrix effects are eliminated to a large extent. The results are inherently correct. All the methods that are described in the Metrohm Application Bulletins and Metrohm Application Notes are already preinstalled by the 797 VA Computrace. The integrated new designed potentiostat with galvanostat guarantees highest precision with reduced noise.
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