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Thermo Electron Corporation, the world leader in analytical instruments, introduces the new cost-effective and versatile Appliskan filter-based multimode microplate reader. Designed to fit into even the busiest laboratory, the Appliskan provides the flexibility to carryout a wide range of microplate assays; from basic absorbance to advanced dual-label FRET and BRET assays. It can read 6- to 384-well plates and has the added advantage of onboard shaking and incubation. These, together with the optional dispensers, make the Appliskan the ideal instrument for assay types such as: cytotoxicity, DNA analysis, immunoassays, multiplexing and protein activity, amongst many others.The Appliskan measures using five key technologies: Luminescence, Absorbance, Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, and Time-Resolved Fluorescence, with no compromise in detection performance for any technology. Moreover, the system has multiple measurement modes: multi-wavelength, end point and kinetic, so almost all assay protocols can be carried out with extreme ease on just one instrument. To further enhance laboratory integration and automation, Appliskan is designed to work with robotic systems such as Thermos RapidStak microplate stacker.The SkanIt Software, used with the Appliskan, provides an intuitive user interface with a unique steplist functionality, which makes assay setup and instrument control both easy and flexible. Moreover, the SkanIt Software provides powerful data handling and report formatting capabilities, allowing the user to save valuable time and concentrate on the most important aspects of the results.The Appliskan is an excellent investment for any laboratory, since its capability for multiple applications, minimal space requirements and superb value for money make it extremely flexible.
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