Measure, regulate and automation • Automation

SPS 2019 - Smart Production Solutions - ...

SPS 2019 - The highlight for the automation industry

SPS IPC Drives 2018

SPS IPC Drives: The trade fair for smart and digital automation

ScopeCheck FB DZ Multi-sensor Measuring ...

Measurement without restrictions

OptiSpheric AF 500 INV

Measurement of effective and flange focal length of camera lenses

SF 87 ShopFloor CMM

Coordinate measuring machine for the production environment

Zeiss COMET Pro AE 3D Sensor

Twice as fast and twice as high-res

XRH RobotStar X-ray Robot-System

Automated X-ray inspection of casting parts

LEXT OLS5000 Microscope

Get reliable data quickly

Gocator Volume Checker

Non-contact volume inspection

Image IR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Higher frame rates and higher resolution


3D Scanning CMM

C5-CS Laser Sensors

3D Laser sensors with up to 200 kHz scanning frequency

Optima Telemetrie sensor telemetry kit

New Optima Telemetrie sensor telemetry kit

acA3088-16gm/gc, acA4024-9gm/gc, ...

Basler ace U cameras - QE over 80% - for low light applications

Matrox Iris GTR Smart Cameras

VGA - 5 Mpixel. Python CMOS Sensors. mono & color

MANNER Torque Measuring Flanges

Torque Measuring Flanges with Approval for Ships

Novel Flywheel Torque Sensor

Optimization of Truck Drive Trains based on Sensor Telemetry

Temperature measurements using MANNER ...

Temperature measurements using MANNER sensor telemetry

Matrox Indio

Matrox Indio - allows any PC to act as a vision controller

High-quality Combination Measurement ...

Flanges for Torque & Axial Force

Matrox Design Assistant 4.0 - DENSO ...

Vision Software Support DENSO b-CAP Interface for Robots

Basler PGI

Basler PGI - New In-camera Image Optimization

Basler ace acA640-750uc/um & ...

12 new cameras with PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor

Basler dart da1600-60um / da1600-60uc

Board level cameras include e2v EV76C570 sensor

Basler ace acA1920-40g / acA1920-40u

Basler ace cameras with Sony IMX249 CMOS Sensor

Matrox Imaging Library MIL 10 RTX64

Matrox MIL supports IntervalZero RTX64 Real-time Operating System (RTOS) Platform

ÖDR - oil dampers

DICTATOR Oil Dampers ÖDR Safely Close Gates with Ascending Hinges

Basler beat beA4000-62km und ...

12 MP Area Scan Camera – with more than 60 frames per second

Vacuum concentrator for evaporation, ...

Concentrate, Dry by rotation of the samples under vacuum