Measure, regulate and automation • Automation

Soloprotect ID Pro

Personal Emergency Signal System

metrology CT

Non-Destructive 3D inspection of components with internal structures

3D Belt Picking SensorApp

Customizable 3D Belt Picking SensorApp

HandyScan 3D

Portable 3D Scanner


Automated In-Line X-ray System


White Light Fiber-Coupled Module

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Mobile 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

quality inspection by automating

Quality Intelligence Solution: Visual Inspection

TomoScope FQ

TomoScope FQ

SWIR Illumination

High-Power SWIR Illumination

end-of-line test system

End-of-Line-Test-System for Camera Modules

SPS 2019 - Smart Production Solutions - ...

SPS 2019 - The highlight for the automation industry

acA3088-16gm/gc, acA4024-9gm/gc, ...

Basler ace U cameras - QE over 80% - for low light applications

Matrox Iris GTR Smart Cameras

VGA - 5 Mpixel. Python CMOS Sensors. mono & color

Matrox Indio

Matrox Indio - allows any PC to act as a vision controller

Matrox Design Assistant 4.0 - DENSO ...

Vision Software Support DENSO b-CAP Interface for Robots

Basler PGI

Basler PGI - New In-camera Image Optimization

Basler ace acA640-750uc/um & ...

12 new cameras with PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor

Basler dart da1600-60um / da1600-60uc

Board level cameras include e2v EV76C570 sensor

Basler ace acA1920-40g / acA1920-40u

Basler ace cameras with Sony IMX249 CMOS Sensor

Matrox Imaging Library MIL 10 RTX64

Matrox MIL supports IntervalZero RTX64 Real-time Operating System (RTOS) Platform

ÖDR - oil dampers

DICTATOR Oil Dampers ÖDR Safely Close Gates with Ascending Hinges

Basler beat beA4000-62km und ...

12 MP Area Scan Camera – with more than 60 frames per second

Vacuum concentrator for evaporation, ...

Concentrate, Dry by rotation of the samples under vacuum

Matrox Iris GT - small, fast, and ...

rugged Smart-Camera for machine-vision