Measure, regulate and automation

Soloprotect ID Pro

Personal Emergency Signal System

Smart Infrared Cameras

Smart Infrared Cameras for Industry 4.0

metrology CT

Non-Destructive 3D inspection of components with internal structures

HandyScan 3D

Portable 3D Scanner

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

Mobile 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine


Automated In-Line X-ray System

3D Belt Picking SensorApp

Customizable 3D Belt Picking SensorApp


White Light Fiber-Coupled Module

end-of-line test system

End-of-Line-Test-System for Camera Modules

Xilinx® Alveo™ U200 FPGA

Alveo-U200-Multi-Channel-Frame-Grabber for AI-Enhanced Machine Vision

OLED panel light

OLF Series: Bright OLED flat light for Machine Vision

IDS NXT rio & rome

Vision App-based Industrial Cameras

3D in full stereo HD

Digital Stereoscopic 3D-Display

TomoScope FQ

TomoScope FQ

3D Time of Flight

Helios 3D ToF camera featuring Sony's DepthSense sensor


Camera line combines high resolutions with high frame rates

ICI sensor system

ICI: Simultaneous 2D & 3D Industrial Inspection

APS-C sensors

Lenses for APS-C-Sensors

Fujinon CF ZA 1S

Universal Machine Vision Lens Series for 1.1" Sensors – without Vignetting


VIS-SWIR lenses

quality inspection by automating

Quality Intelligence Solution: Visual Inspection

SWIR Illumination

High-Power SWIR Illumination

camera sensor

Linux-based smart camera with new event-based sensor

SPS 2019 - Smart Production Solutions - ...

SPS 2019 - The highlight for the automation industry

acA3088-16gm/gc, acA4024-9gm/gc, ...

Basler ace U cameras - QE over 80% - for low light applications

Matrox Iris GTR Smart Cameras

VGA - 5 Mpixel. Python CMOS Sensors. mono & color

Matrox Indio

Matrox Indio - allows any PC to act as a vision controller

Pleora NBASE-T Interface Platform

GigE Vision over NBASE-T

MBJ CTR-50 & CTR-52

LED Controller - Top hat rail mounting

Matrox Imaging Library MIL 10 R2 Linux

Matrox Imaging Library MIL 10 R2 Vision Software for Linux

Matrox Imaging Library MIL 10 ...

Matrox MIL 10 Training

Matrox Design Assistant 4.0 - DENSO ...

Vision Software Support DENSO b-CAP Interface for Robots

Basler PGI

Basler PGI - New In-camera Image Optimization

MatroxClarity UHD

Multi-Format & Multi Input Framegrabber 4x HD - 2x UDH + H.264

Basler ace acA640-750uc/um & ...

12 new cameras with PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor

Basler dart da1600-60um / da1600-60uc

Board level cameras include e2v EV76C570 sensor

Basler ace acA1920-40g / acA1920-40u

Basler ace cameras with Sony IMX249 CMOS Sensor

Matrox Imaging Library MIL 10 Training

Matrox Imaging Library MIL Training - October 2015

Matrox Design Assistant 4.0 Training

Classroom training on Matrox Design Assistant 4

Matrox Imaging Library MIL 10 RTX64

Matrox MIL supports IntervalZero RTX64 Real-time Operating System (RTOS) Platform

ÖDR - oil dampers

DICTATOR Oil Dampers ÖDR Safely Close Gates with Ascending Hinges

Basler pulse puA1280-54um/uc, ...

Compact camera for medical, life science, microscopy, ITS…

Basler beat beA4000-62km und ...

12 MP Area Scan Camera – with more than 60 frames per second

e2v UNiiQA+ CL - 0.5k / 1k / 2k / 4k

Line scan simplicity - next gen CMOS line scan cameras

Mega Pixel Objectives

Bi-Telecentric Mega Pixel Objectives

Hansatech - Oxygraph Plus

Hansatech of instruments for oxygen measurement in gas and Liquid-Phase approx. 0,5 - 25 ml substance

Matrox Radient eV-CL

Cost-effective, high-performance frame grabber supports all Camera Link configurations

Matrox RadientPro-CL

Camera Link frame grabber with FPGA Development Kit

Vacuum concentrator for evaporation, ...

Concentrate, Dry by rotation of the samples under vacuum

Matrox Radient eV-CLHS

Camera Link HS interface card ideal for machine vision applications that require high-speed and high-bandwidth

Intercon-1 IF-B3MBT-USB

High-Flex USB3-Vision cables for rolling and torsional flex applications

Kowa SC Series

High resolution FA lenses - Kowa 1“ 6 megapixel SC-series

Intercon-1 IFC6 GigE

High Flex GigE Assemblies - the right cable for all applications

Basler ace acA1920-25g/u

GigE & USB 3.0 in 2 Megapixel HDTV Format

Basler aviator with Sequencer

CCD-cameras now include sequencer feature and color enhancement

Kowa LM6HC

Wide Angle 6mm 1“ C-mount lens from Kowa

Platform for industrial imaging - ...

entry-level high-performance computing (HPC)

e2v ELiiXA+ 16k/8k color

e2v ELiiXA+ RGB line-scan-cameras - Power of Speed & Sensitivity

Basler ace acA1300-60g

Basler ace GigE cameras with powerful 1.3 MP e2v CMOS Sensors

e2v ELiiXA+ 8k/4K

8k/4k line scan camera based on multi-line CMOS technology

Basler ace acA2000-50g_NIR

NIR-sensitive GigE Area Scan Cameras

Embedded PC delivers desktop-level ...

performance, expansion, and longevity

Matrox Radient ev-CXP

CoaXPress frame grabber

e2v ELiiXA+ 16k mono

CMOS line-scan camera 16.384 Pixel . 100.000 Lines/s . CoaXPress

Matrox Radient eCL Linux

Linux support for Matrox Radient FPGA frame grabber

Matrox GatorEye 3D

GigE Vision camera features laser line extraction for 3D scanning

e2v AViiVA II EM 512/1024

e2v EM2 and EM4 line scan cameras for OCT, Spectrometer and Machine-Vision

Basler aviator avA2300-30k

Basler aviator 4 Megapixel CCD-cameras - 31 fps and excellent image quality

Kowa HC-SW

Kowa 1" SWIR lens series

e2v AViiVA EM1 - GigE Vision ...

Line-Scan-Camera features the highest line rate of the market

Matrox Iris GT/X - powerfull, ...

programmable Smart Camera

Matrox GatorEye - GigE-Vision ...

CCD-Cameras for dump and dusty environments

Matrox Supersight e2

HPC Imaging

e2v DiViiNA LM1 low-cost ...

line-scan-cameras with GigE Vision Interface

e2v AViiVA II EM2/EM4

e2v AViiVA II EM2 and EM4 raises the bar in the world of line-scan cameras

Matrox Radient - Camera-Link ...

Framegrabber with FPGA-based image-processing offload

Smart-Camera Matrox Iris GT1900 with ...

higher resolution sensor

e2v DiViiNA - perfectly balanced, low ...

price, high value line-scan-camera

Matrox Iris GT - small, fast, and ...

rugged Smart-Camera for machine-vision

Matrox Concord GigE Vision Network ...

Interface cards - NICs GigE Vision acquisition made easy

e2v ELiiXA quad-linear line scan camera

e2v EliiXA quad-linear line scan camera for industrial inspection

Line Scan Cameras

For all image-processing applications