Food Industry technology

Plant construction and components

Components, fittings, machine & plant technology for food & drink manufacture are all covered under this heading.

Packing and marking

The optimum packs and markings on packs – and this goes for all food & drink products – can improve the protection and sales prospects for all packed products, including convenience packs.

IT and automation

This section provides, for specialists in food & drink production, efficient metrology, open-loop and closed-loop controls together with automated solutions, taking in information technology.

Industrial technology, services

The production of food & drink products requires resources and services: maintenance, energy, refrigeration, heat, water, operating media, raw materials and all of the corresponding equipment.

Logistics and goods handling

This section covers storage tech and equipment for flows of products and materials in food & drink manufacture, from growers through to consumers.

Food design, hygiene and monitoring

Quality and hygiene in food and drink products require specific, technical processes, including those to cover inspection and analysis, together with active ingredients.