Gehrke Sales GmbH

Gehrke Sales GmbH

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serverless intercom system, Sever-based intercom systems, Public address technology, voice alarm systems, System management, interface management

GEHRKE stands for neural, severless voice transmission systems, intercom systems and voice alarm systems (according to EN 54-16).

NeuroKom IP
The serverless intercom system uses network technology as basis, the „single point of failure“ is omitted. A self-managing intelligent system for up to 9,000 units.

Sever-based intercom systems. For conventional, internal communication solutions with predominantly fixed installation. All features and capabilities are maintained and allocated at a central point.

Voice Alarm
Public address technology and voice alarm systems, according to EN 54-16. Modular, digital, compact and for network solutions. A full program incl. loudspeakers in accordance with EN 54-24 is available.

Management and control system
System or interface management for communication and security systems. The user interfaces are intuitive and can be touch enabled.

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