Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG Industrielle Automation

Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG Industrielle Automation

Witzlebenstr. 7
45472 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Phone: +49 (0) 208/ 4952- 0
Fax: +49 (0) 208/ 4952- 264

Internet: www.turck.com

inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, Magnetic field sensors, photo-electric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, flow controls, pressure controls, linear dispacement sensors, Isolation switching amplifiers, rotational speed monitors, transducer, logic controllers, interface devices, power supplies, level controls, PROFIBUS DP Fieldbus components, DEVICE NET fieldbus components, BL 20 modular I/0 bus terminal system, BL 67 modular IP 67-I/0 system, Ethernet network components, FOUNDATION fieldbus components, PROFIBUS PA fieldbus components, bus and power cables

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