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Das Ziehgerät SA-30

Puller zum Ziehen von Glaskapillaren

The model SA-30 vertical micro-pipette puller is designed for the fabrication of basic micro-pipettes and patch-type pipettes. It will pull micro-pipettes with tip diameters as small as 0.3um and moderate taper lengths (10 to 15mm). By using an included patching  attachment, the SA-30 will pull the standard double pull patch-type pipette. Used with thin wall glass capillaries, it will generate pipettes or needles suitable for micro-injection studies. The P-30 is ideal for student laboratories and other situations which call for an economical, reliable pipette pulling device.

F E A T U R E S > SA - 3 0

  • Pulls-electrodes with tip diameters down to 0.3µm, consistently and reliably.
  • A micrometer allows precise reproducibility of trip point settings in producing fine micro-electrodes.
  • Full three digit digital controls for accurate setting of heat and pull values.
  • Constant current power supplies for filament and pull solenoid.
  • Enclosed front to reduce variability caused by drafts.
  • Dual(manually) switched heat settings for patch pulling or two different types of micro-pipettes.
  • All working parts are made from corrosion resistant material.
  • Two heating assemblies available; platinum/iridium (recommended) or Nichrome coil.
  • Built in RFI filter and dual voltage/dual frequency operation.
  • Rubber padded jaws to minimize breakage of capillary tubing.
  • Designed to take up a minimum of bench space.
  • Slope of the front panel aids in preventing glass from entering cabinet/solenoid mechanism.

Andere Puller auf Anfrage. Zum Beispiel: David Kopf, Sutter, usw.

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