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The CoVi™ EVQ-3000 ™ is a high resolution HDTV-day/night colour camera with a ½”CMOS chip as a dome version. The chip has 1.280 x 720 pixel (HDTV certified) and works with a special by Covi designed signal processing with the following benefits:
  • output 1: Full view with 3 independent zoom view pictures
  • output 2: Full view of each zoom image
The camera is working with a high dynamic range mapping (HDR) and offers in addition to the Multiview™-function a zoom and electronically PTZ control, as the high resolution chip gives you 4times the quality of a standard picture and therefore a 4times zoom without quality loss. The EVQ 3000™ is available as a flush mount, surface mount and vandal proofed version. All dome version will be shipped with integrated lenses (4,5-10mm or 10 – 16mm)
Key features:
  • Multiview™:   Full screen with 3 integrated and independent zoom views
  • EPTZ:   remote control of zoom images at output 2, to be controlled by all common PTZ keyboards via RS 485 (Pelco P, Pelco D, DM, Panasonic, GE, etc
  • HD 1280x720 (progressive scan) CMOS chip for perfect digital processing
  • Available is black or beige
  • Camera can be configured via PC, KBD or handheld controller
  • Lenses (4,5-10mm or 10 – 16mm) included

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