MicroGARD ® digital fence controlling

It will be even easier for customers to decide for retrofitting existing fence systems. The importance of perimeter security is growing especially the increasingly demanded aspect of retrofitting is taking a further step towards system perfection together with the comprehensive solution accomplished by HAVERKAMP. MicroGARD can be integrated into superior security management systems and therefore avoids the characteristic of an isolated application.

HAVERKAMP puts MicroGARD on existing wire-netting, grid matting wire and expanded metal fence systems around the world by attaching a digital sensor cable as well as hardware components to the inside of the fence. This system not only transfers the messages of the pulse time measurements of the BUS-based system but also the power supply. A time consuming and costly installation of power and data cables is therefore not necessary. In contrast to analogue systems, the digital technology of MicroGARD works so exact that the position where the fence is forcefully cut open, climbed over or where the system is sabotaged can be detected on three meters exactly.

A further advantage of MicroGARD: compared to the analogue microphone cable systems, the digital sensor reduces the rate of unwanted false alarms significantly. This is possible, as the system software allows to calibrate different fence sectors individually. During installation of the system, the course of the fence to be controlled will be analysed and fine adjustments can be made considering and scheduling for example different alarm events.

MicroGARD provides two possibilities for alarm verification: either by a graphic evaluation or by a trouble-free cooperation with existing camera and management systems. Coming to the point: the surprise effect is no longer on the intruder’s side – that is for sure.
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