Thermo Electron Corporation announced its C4i and G4i three liter centrifuges. The latest in this line of mid-sized centrifuges maintain the philosophy of reliability, ease of use, performance, versatility and value. The centrifuges are available in ventilated and refrigerated (CR4i, GR4i) versions. They have a swing-out rotor capacity of 4 x 750 ml, are equipped with a quiet, brushless induction motor and operate at up to 8000 rpm with a relative centrifugal force of 10,804 xg. The C4i models are tabletop centrifuges while the G4i models are compact floor-standing centrifuges. The bench position of the top of the G4i units presents the rotor at the most convenient height for loading and unloading both samples and rotor.

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centrifuges / centrifugation

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