New OZD ProfiPlug from Hirschmann

FO-Repeater in plug format

Hirschmann Automation and Control, Neckartenzlingen/ Germany, is presenting the first fiber-optic Repeater in plug format with the new OZD ProfiPlug. This repeater which is being offered both as a terminator (ProfiPlug P11) and as a T-adapter (ProfiPlug P21) works by the plug&play principle and is plugged to a Profibus device like an electric cable. Since the power consumption is not higher than with a passive bus terminator, no separate power supply is necessary. The ProfiPlug therefore offers a practical and low-cost solution for FOC connections of up to 100 meters.

The ProfiPlug P21 has a second Sub-D interface for a line wiring. Either another FO-Repeater or an electric cable can be connected to this. The repeater function and an automatic data rate detection enable any cascading at transmission speeds between 9.6 kbit/s and 1.5 Mbits/s.
In addition to the Sub-D interfaces, both repeater versions, measuring 16 x 90 x 52 or 57 millimeters (width x height x depth), have two BFOC sockets. The connectors contained in the scope of delivery can be fit to the plastic fiber-optic cables without special tools. The appropriate connectors for HCS fibers are available as accessories from dealers.

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